Grad School

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Grad school is the worst.

I have to leave school at 3:40pm exactly to get to my class at 4:30pm.

Not only is it pretty much physically impossible to leave on time as a teacher, but it messes with my afternoon snack schedule.

I’m a BIG schedule person. Like, if my schedule gets messed up, I’m a wreck.

Which is usually fine since I’m an elementary school teacher and my life runs by the minute hand of a clock, so I can be all crazy and no one knows the difference.

But on days like today, it’s no good.

Everyday during our dismissal, my Dexcom starts down-arrowing (a word) at around 3:45pm, and when that happens, I need to eat some kind of snack. RIGHT. AWAY. Normally this is when my kids are parading around waiting for their buses, which means that it’s an easy time to get a low blood sugar.

But on days like today, my snack time is really my packupsoquicklyfindrunoutofthedoorwithajuiceboxomgsweatinglowheartpouding…you know the feeling. 

Not cute at all.

It’s hard to deal with a change in my schedule. It’s even harder to deal with one when I’m in low blood sugar survival mode.

The class just started last week, so it will take some time for me to remember to eat my snack a little bit earlier.

Also, when I talked to my doctor about this little low blood sugar, he was not concerned because I’ve been correcting it/anticipating it, so on my Dexcom, it looks like nothing is wrong…which tells me that maybe there is something wrong with me doctor?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that I can’t be the girl running to class with juice dropping from her mouth and sweat clinging to her face with machines beeping like crazy…I’m not trying to be the weird diabetic girl in school. Thanks, but no thanks.


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