Valentine’s Day

It’s February. You know what that means.


Valentine’s day!

Otherwise known as Candy Day.

Actually, more like candy week!

I’m totally guilty of being that girl with her hand in the candy jar…with my other hand on my pump desperately trying to get my insulin to beat the sugar. 

And while I love me some candy, I don’t love the picture my Dexcom paints for me. You know, the red, yellow, and green lines that looks like a small child’s drawing.

I mean, it’s hard to be cute and sexy when you are shoving glucose tabs down your throat. And it really kills the mood when you need to pee every 5 minutes after chugging a gallon of water, all while declaring that you will BRB because you need to “pee on a stick” (totally has never happened to me).

This Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I decided to lay low, get some food, and spend some time together with our BFF Netflix (and probably House of Cards). Which means that I SHOULD have had more control over what goes into my body, which means that my Dexcom should have been painting me a beautiful picture of green. But, I’m also a teacher, and when I come home with two chocolate apples, one jar of Hershey’s kisses, and countless of little baggies filled with gummies, well, it’s a different story (We actually had our celebration today at school because we had a 5 day weekend…yay snow days!)

I should be the one in charge, but diabetes (and my sweet tooth) always has different plans.

Per usual, diabetes was the third-wheel of every date to my Valentine’s day weekend. And what diabetes wants, diabetes gets.

So here’s to the dedicating the next few days to detoxing. My juicer is going to get a workout.

So (belated) Happy Valentine’s Day! From me (and my D-life) to yours.

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