Pure Barre and sweet potato fries

My sister and I have wanted to try Pure Barre for awhile. I mean, of course we have, since we are both 20somethings living in a city.

So we finally took the plunge and signed up for our first class. It was $15, and my booty will thank me for it tomorrow, I can tell you already!

I woke up on the lower side (and by lower, I mean 100). I drank my normal morning smoothie (banana, almond milk, chia seeds, spinach, cinnamon), and bolused like I normally do, expecting my little Dexcom sensor to start talking to me right away since I always suffer from a bad case of the crazy morning after breakfast blood sugars.

At the start of the class, I was 132 with 1.3 units still on board…WOW! I mean, I love a good diabetes/bolus win, but right before working out…I don’t think so. Normally, when I do any strength classes, I don’t need to do lower my basal, but since I A) had never taken this class before and B) still had SO much insulin on-board, I thought it was a good idea. I also was a total rule-breaker and brought my Dexcom and Omnipod into the class.

I’m so glad that I broke those rules because my Dexcom finally starting singing…just as we were moving from leg work to abs.

2014-10-11 22.19.19

See that dip in the red. That is about 3/4 of the way through the class, when we were doing our 100th hip thruster.

I was starting to feel a little bit low, so I grab my Omni and paused my basal. I tried to do some math but my body and brain don’t work out at the same time. So paused basal won.

Not only was I low and trying to fit into the new class, but then at the very end, the teacher started playing 90s throwback song Whoomp There It Is (which I always sing Whoop) that just made me start giggling so hard! I was a big mess.

I got through the class, but I meant to go up to the instructor and tell her that I wasn’t a rule breaker, that my problem during class wasn’t a missed text, but an uninvited low. I never got to. My sister and I were the last ones to leave…we had to pick ourselves up off the floor and slowly drag our booties out of there.

I definitely want to go back to Pure Barre…I might just buy there new member package of unlimited classes for $100 bucks for a month. But next time, I’ll be prepared!

Oh, and that long stretch in the red…those were the sweet potato fries I ate at dinner. Didn’t pre-bolus, didn’t even give myself the correct amount (40 carbs is not enough for half of a veggie burger with half of the bun and sweet potato fries, for the record).

But it’s ok…I worked out today, dontchaknow.

Anyone else do Pure Barre? How does strength work affect your blood sugar? Does Whoomp There It Is make you laugh hysterically?


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