Accessing the DATA

While I’m really good about using my Dexcom religiously, I rarely ever download my data to look at long-range trends.

And by rarely, I mean, I never have. Because I am a twenty-something who obviously owns a MAC.

I know that, as a twenty-something, I should be all for using all these different devices to manage my diabetes health. And that I should be SO excited when they give me the option to create an Excel spreadsheet.

But honestly, I kind of hate having to use SO many devices to do something that I should be able to do on my iPhone #amIright??? Like, I have my Omnipod meter, my Dexcom, my other meter because my insurance company hates me, and my little pouch with strips, insulin, and lancet device.

And then Dexcom wanted me to get another computer so that I could download the data?

I guess that’s what makes diabetes so damn difficult. You know what you should do, you can visualize yourself doing it, but then, life gets in the way and you think, “Well, things are just fine the way that they are.” And then, you push it off again.

But today I saw that Dexcom finally created a program so that Mac users could download their data from their receivers. And, do you know what I did??? I actually downloaded my data!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.32.43 PM

There it is!

Now, it’s not the prettiest graph I’ve ever seen, and it did make me realize that I have some work to do (don’t we always), but I was damn proud of myself for actually doing something good for my diabetes (other than the 900 other things that I do daily).

Only time will tell if I actually keep up this trend, but this is a good start…right??

I should probably go set a calendar alarm to remind me to do it, but I kind of hate using my iPhone calendar.

I think I’m a lost cause.


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