Whole30 Journey

My fiance and I are starting the Whole30 journey TODAY, and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty pumped about it! We did some MAJOR food prep over the weekend, as well as purged a bunch of food that doesn’t follow the guidelines.I started a Pinterest board with some ideas, and we purchased this book to help us understand it all. I’m really excited to see how this will help my blood sugars (as well as my overall health) because this last month has been…wild. And I just got blood work done, so it will be nice to see how my vitals are different after this journey.

My hope is to recap each day here, along with sharing links to the recipes that we are using. My thought is that if I have to write about it, then I might actually stick with it. I mean, it’s just 30 days, right?!

New year, new me, new A1C! (Kind of rhymes!) Also, this wedding is coming up REALLY fast, so I’ve got to stay focused.


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